Improver classes build on everything learnt in the Foundation classes. We teach you the finer points of partner dancing, equip you with some stylish new moves and work on improving general floor-craft. 

The lesson starts with a 15 minuet crossover warm up session into a full 45 minuet lesson.

For Improver classes we do ask that you have a working knowledge of 8-Beat Lindy, 6-Beat Lindy and Charleston. If you have completed our series of Foundation classes you are good to go, otherwise just ask a team member or get in touch!

Entry is £6 for the entire evening, for one class or them all! No need to bring a partner. 

Class Crossover:
We know it is important for beginners to dance with more experienced dancers and important for more experienced dancers to continually practice refining and improving their basic footwork and connection. The content in Foundation class will tie into the content in the Improver class so it may be beneficial for students to attend both classes.