Social dances are events and parties where everyone can dance, have fun, meet friends, practice their floor-craft, and most of all, let the good times roll! Social dancing is a great way to practise and improve the quality of your dancing and try out all those moves you've learnt in class. Most of all, social dancing keeps swing dancing alive and well in modern culture. 

Below is information on Cheshire Swing Cat socials, as well as additional social dancing opportunities within the wider swing dance community.

Cheshire Swing Cat Socials

Every week, we facilitate a 1 hour social after lessons to practise what you have learned. Dancing starts at 8.00pm and entry to this social is free if you have attended a class. Quite often we go to the pub afterwards!

In addition, we have special Cheshire Swing Cats Socials. These events include games such as snowballs and jam circles, nibbles, drinks and more! Best of all, you get to party with the whole Cheshire Swing Cats community and beyond. Check out the calendar on our classes page or get in touch to find out when the next one is being held.

For upcoming social events see our Facebook page.

Local Events

We consider ourselves very lucky to be part of a thriving jazz and swing community in Chester. This means we get to experience live music on a regular basis. Below is a (non-exhaustive) list of musicians we love to support (you can find out more about jazz in the North West, UK at: Traditional Jazz in North West). Upcoming events we're arranging can be found on our Facebook Page.  If a Cheshire Swing Cats member is keen to attend a specific gig, they usually post it in the Facebook discussion group. Join the fun here. 

Social Dancing in Cheshire

We love dancing with other swing dance scenes further afield! These groups hold their own classes, and often organise socials and workshops in various swing dance styles.