Cheshire Swing Cats is a community focused not for profit swing dance group based in Chester. We want to share our enthusiasm and love for swing dancing and music by offering lessons and organising events. Together we have built classes that cover a wide range of dances, moves and technical subjects that are fun to learn and rewarding.

Cheshire Swing Cats is run by a committee of dedicated volunteers.

  • Soraya Maroof

  • Ruth Healey

  • Vicky Simons

  • Mark Downes

  • Michelle Smith

  • Matthew Rigby

  • Julia Maggiori

We are experienced dancers and teachers and make decisions as a group with a focus on what is best for not only Cheshire Swing Cats but the culture and swing dancing scene. 

We are passionate about this unique style of partner dancing. Come, learn, dance with us and feel the joy of this vibrant ‘street dance’ of yester-year! If you have any questions, join the Facebook group, head on over to our FAQ or contact us